Roto/Prep Demo Reel 2020

Some companies recommended me to improve my skills in Rotoscopy and Paint techniques. Also, they recommended me to use only Nuke for doing this task, in order to go inside the VFX industry starting from the Rotoscopy and Paint departament, where to work while I improve my Vissual compositing skills.

For this reason, this demo reel is made only using Nuke software.


3D/VFX 2016

This demo reel is a compendium of my works done when I was living in Málaga (Spain).

There, you can watch Models 3D and part of my collaboration in “Maniac Tales”, a film produced by Kandale Films.

In that film, I worked making a 3D environment and animating cameras 3D with 2D layers.

Also there is some Rotoscopy, Chroma Key and Compositing job.